Student Dormitory

For that, it is very convenient to live. Furthermore, the dormitories are located near the school and there is no transportation fee incurred.

Dormitory Rooms Distance Facilities
Manpei Height 20 5 minutes on foot

One room apartment, 6-tatami size, Unit bath, Kitchen, Air conditioning
※TV, refrigerator, rice cooker, utensils , huton etc. are provided.


Romane 3 5~10mins by bicycle
Etowaru Yoshida 7

*Before students move into the dorm, we will change the lock set for student’s safety.
*internet is available in each room.
*School will make dorm placements; students are not allowed to decide which dormitory they are going to stay by themselves.

Dormitory Fee

Dormitory cost per 1 month
Rent ¥39,500 / 1 month
Public utility charges ¥5,000 / 1 month (average)

Dormitory cost at the beginning
Entrance Fee ¥39,500
Deposit ¥39,500
Cleaning ¥15,000
Fire Insurance ¥20,000
Key change ¥15,000
Total ¥247,500
Third months of rent must be paid upfront together with the school admission fees. From the 4th month onwards, payment(¥39,500) will be on a monthly basis.
Reward, cleaning, fire insurance and deposit fees are only incurred during entry into dormitory.
Deposit fee ¥39,500 will be refunded upon exit from the dormitory. However, if unpaid bills, damage to the dormitory or additional cleaning fees should be incurred, there will be deducted from the deposit and the remaining sum refunded.