privacy notice

privacy notice

Saitama International School respects individual’s privacy and also realizes the importance of protecting personal information; thus, the use of personal information will be enacted as the following.

1.Under the regulations of protecting personal information.

Our school will obey the law and related regulations to protect individuals’ personal information and to acquire personal information properly.

2.The gathering of personal information

Once gathering the personal information, our school will clarify the purpose and acquire all of these openly and properly.

3.The use of personal information

Personal information includes individual’s privacy, name, birthday, telephone number, address, e-mail address and so on; thus, these information will only be used as the below situation occurs:
The providence of school information and informing lessons and school annual schedule, and so on
The delivering of school materials
The introduction for school service or information
Otherwise, depend on the situation as informing individuals are needed.
Under the law and regulations of protecting personal privacy, only the appropriate acquiring way will be adopted.

4.The third parities

Under the condition of the law, without individual's consent, we do not provide any personally identifiable customer information to the third parties.

5.The management of customer information

Not only to keep the accuracies, constantly update the personal data, but also to avoid the situation of revealing, alternation, and loss for personal information, the appropriate security strategy will be enacted. During acquiring personal information, precautions will be taken to avoid illegal access by the third parties and the personal data theft as the internet surfing and so on.

6. The disclosure, correction, stop using, and deletion of personal information

Saitama international school will respect and take individual's request for personal information's disclosure, correction, stop using and deletion, once individuals, under the law, agree to take any actions mentioned earlier during the reasonable periods.

1)About the disclosure

 Our school will assist to complete personal information disclosure and inform the clients by post once individual comes to the front desk and apply for the procedure physically. It will take four weeks for the procedure completion; meanwhile, certain amount of fees will be demanded.

2)About the correction and stop using of personal information

Individuals can submit these requests by the window or through the phone. Once these requests are accepted, the processing of four weeks will be taken.


1)We not only acquire personal information in a proper and open way and manage all of data effectively, but also adopt an internet security system.
2)We also educate staffs for the internet security management.

8.The alternation of private policy

Under the law and also for the effective safety management, the private policy will be alternated in needed conditions.


Because cookie allows internet surfers to take advantage of some of our school essential features, they will be transferred to individuals’ computer hard drive t and recognize the user’s web browser, facilitating the using of our web site. The transferred cookie is not meant to violate individual’s privacy and we also are not going to selling or revealing personal information to the third parities.