Requirements for Admission

  • For residents, including spouse or children of citizens or permanent residents, dependents and so on.
    For people who are holding working visa.
    For people who are Intra-company Transferee from a foreign country.

Entrance Date

  • People who have studied Japanese a little can enter school any time.
  • For beginners.
  • April entry
    July entry
    October entry

School Fees

  • Details Amount Note
    Application fee 10,000 only required at the beginning
    Admission fee 20,000 only required at the beginning
    Tuition fee 45,000 Monthly
    Copy fee 1,000 Monthly
    Facilities fee 1,000 Monthly
    Total 77,000  

  • ※Textbooks fee is not included. Please purchase textbooks after enroll in.


Application Documents

Application form (Domestic students)
A copy of residence card 1
A copy of passport 1


Entrance Formalities

  • Please, fill out the application documents and pay the school fees.
  • After registration, the school will inform the entrance date. For students who attend school in the middle of a month, the first month’s tuition will be calculated at a rate of 2,500 per day.
  • Daily rates are not applicable for students who quit mid-month.


  • Saitama International School
    2-101 Sakuragi-cho, Kumagaya-shi, Saitama-ken 360-0036
    TEL +81-48-526-4155 / FAX +81-48-526-4157