1. Bring the application documents personally or send them by post.
    ※The application fee of ¥20,000 must be paid upon submission of documents.
  2. Documents are assessed by the Saitama International School.
  3. The application documents are submitted to Tokyo Immigration Bureau.
  4. Announces the results and issue the Certificate of Eligibility from Tokyo Immigration Bureau.
  5. Saitama International School sends successful applicants 「A copy of the Certificate of Eligibility」 and 「Original Letter of Acceptance」 by post.
  6. Successful Applicants pay the annual school fees through bank transfer.
  7. Once the bank transfer is through, the School will send the successful applicants 「the Original Certificate of Eligibility」 and 「a receipt of school fees」 by post.
    ※School sends 「The Certificate of Eligibility」 from 1 month before entrance date.
  8. The successful applicants go to the Japanese embassy or consulate in your home country with the original certificates you received and obtain a pre‐college visa.
  9. After obtaining the visa, you buy an airline ticket and can now ready to come and study Japanese.
    ※If you need somebody who picks you up in the Narita Airport, the staff of the Saitama International School can go there. Even though you are necessary or unnecessary, please tell the School the arrival date and time of Japan. (It costs ¥9,090 per a person for the transportation expenses from Narita Airport to School.)


For students who will move into the dormitory
  In the dormitory, daily necessities (TV, refrigerator, rice cooker, plates and dishes, bedclothes) are provided.
  If you need to send your big suitcase from airport to the dormitory by a home delivery service, it will take for 2 days.
  For that, you have to carry your valuables and some clothes by hands.
  Please, take on the early flight for preparation of entrance dormitory because it takes for 2 ชั่วโมง and a half to the School by train.