How to Apply ・ Application Fee

  • Bring the application documents personally or send them by post within the application period.
  • The application fee of \20,000 must be paid upon submission of documents.
  • Submitted documents and fees are not returnable (except original graduation certificate).
  • Incomplete documents are not acceptable.

Document Assessment ・ Result Announcement

How to
Basically, documents are examined.According to circumstances, interview and examination on the spot are held.
1st Stage Documents are assessed by the School. Based on the qualifications and eligibility of applicant, School decides whether to submit application to Tokyo Immigration Bureau.
2nd Stage Tokyo Immigration Bureau reviews applications, and announces the results. School sends out notification of results to applicant.


(A course)
(B course)
(C course)
(D course)
Date of Result
1st Stage
End of Nov. Beginning of Apr. End of May Middle of Oct.
Passed Submit application to Tokyo Immigration Bureau.
Failed Return documents to applicant.
Date of Result
2nd Stage
End of Feb. End of May End of Aug. End of Nov.
Passed Send out Certificate of Eligibility.
Failed Return only original documents to applicant.

  1. Upon passing the second stage, the School will send you the original Letter of Acceptance for entry into Japan as well as a bill. Upon receiving the bill, please pay the annual school fees and dormitory fee through bank transfer.
  2. Once the bank transfer is through, the School will send you the Certificate of Eligibility. You go to the Japanese embassy or consulate in your home country with the original certificates (the Letter of Acceptance, the Certificate of Eligibility), and you can obtain a pre-college visa.
  3. After entering to Japan, please come to school with your passport. The school will give you a student card and register for school.